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Managing Transitions with Purpose

Life is a series of transitions, each varying in scope and complexity. These transitions overlap and converge to form the fabric of our existence. This fabric, the intangible blanket of our soul (handed to us, already begun, at the time we are first capable of weaving into it ourselves) grows with us as our soul evolves. For some, the fabric remains basic and simple. For others it becomes complex—sometimes calm, sometimes confusing, sometimes violently wild, sometimes exciting and passionate, but always unique to others and familiar to ourselves. It is who and what we are!

There lies within all of us a desire to create a work of beauty, whether it be a simple, warm, and blending balance of color or a striking and dramatic display that arouses passion and invokes a response in those who encounter it. However, there also lies within each of us, to some degree or another, the fear of losing control of the outcome—the fear that others will not appreciate or accept the tapestry that is uniquely us. The unfortunate result is that we sometimes succumb to the urge to stop weaving, or at least to continue without changing the colors or textures of the fabric. It is then that we become damned—that we cease to evolve, progress, or grow. It is also during these times that we actually accomplish, inadvertently, the very thing we hoped to avoid, as the pattern becomes dull and unappealing—to ourselves as well as to others.

The key to happiness and acceptance (in so far as we control it) is learning to embrace the opportunities for change that present themselves in our lives—to accept the challenge to evolve and to take control of the manner in which we do it. It is up to us to become the master weaver of our life tapestry—to master ourselves. Others may or may not like the result; but, unless we choose the outcome and personally direct the work, we are not likely to find much satisfaction in it ourselves.

Therefore, let each of us choose to live life, to embrace change, to cause the transitions that make up our existence to occur smoothly (or, not so smoothly—when we like the effect). This is the essence of effectiveness—accepting change and managing transitions with purpose by exercising our free agency to make choices and proactively seeking to fulfill them.

Troy Deitrick

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